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Want to See What Happens in a Sales Coaching Session with Ascend?


Jump right in and take a look inside at what a growth training session with Ascend is like!

In this meeting, a very talented small business owner is struggling with two major obstacles that are holding him back- confidence and connecting with his clients.

This video allows you to join us in the sales coaching portion of a call after we have already established the need and the topic for the day.

Please keep in mind that we not only train each client at his/her own level, but also in communication style that works best for them. So while your own experience with Ascend might sound a bit different live, rest assured, the same powerful truths and winning techniques will be delivered!

As you will soon see, this particular session starts a little slower to encourage and reengage the client, but soon builds as our time together continues.

We cover a TON of important Sales truths and lessons in this one session so hang-on and enjoy- it just keeps getting better!


What You Will Learn in this Power Packed 30-Minute Sales Coaching Session:


  • Overcoming Objections honestly and sincerely
  • The Art & Power of a Good Illustration
  • The Importance of a Sales Process & Mental Map
  • Establishing a Need
  • Building Value; The ROI Close
  • Dangers and Benefits of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  • Confidence: Closing Yourself before the Customer
  • Sharing the Vision; Know Your Audience
  • Connecting with Your Clients
  • The Danger of “How?”


Percent Chance You Will Learn Something Valuable from Watching this Video

  • The ABL’s of Life- Always Be Learning
  • What being called a “Nice Guy” really means
  • The Infamous and All Important “Close” with character
  • The “Expert” Fallacy Exposed
  • What Sales Really is
  • Why We Fall- Tapping into the Benefits of Failure
  • Landmines to Avoid & Prepare for- Ahead of time!
  • The Importance of Seizing Opportunity
  • Why Coaching is Important
  • …and much, much More!


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